Parliament will be dissolved on Thursday 30 May until the General Election. At this point there will be no Members of Parliament. Any reference to me being a Member of Parliament on this website will be historical. I am the Labour candidate for the Rhondda and Ogmore constituency.

Housing Crisis in the Rhondda Report

In recent months, I have become increasingly concerned about the number of housing issues in the Rhondda that have been raised with my constituency office.

From Section 21 no-fault evictions to damp and mouldy conditions to spiralling maintenance and rental costs, the range of housing issues facing Rhondda residents is rising. Simultaneously, the sheer volume of these cases underlines what has developed into a new and potentially unique issue for housing in the Rhondda, with seemingly no clear path forward.

Recent policy decisions have exacerbated the housing crisis in the Rhondda, amplifying the pressure on sectors that currently cannot cope with public demand.

I have written this report to raise awareness of the threat that this housing crisis could pose going forward, and to inform policymakers and stakeholders with the objective of finding solutions in anticipation of the impending crisis.

Download the report here.